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Client Art Processors Website Discipline
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The bar is always set high when you work with amazing artists and designers. Art Processors are a group of designers, technologists and consultants who work with museums and galleries to create new ways for visitors to engage with stories and space.

They challenged us to create an immersive and diverse experience that would entice their audience, piquing their interest and sparking their curiosity.

Art Processors’ approach to re-imagining space and user experience inspired our creative direction and informed the user interaction within a digital plane. To mirror the curated experience of iconic galleries and museums, we created organic layouts that allowed for the content of the site to reflect the structure, technology and art that goes into the execution of our client’s installations.

To create experiences as rich as those in the physical realm, we pushed the boundaries of our CMS to provide a dynamic authoring capability, allowing Art Processors to create unique and compelling case studies.