Christopher Ireland

Duality. Clarity. Beauty.
The project was a pursuit of excellence to showcase a man known for perfection.
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Christopher Ireland is an observer. His sensitivity and natural intuition make him the perfect man to Direct and Capture life’s real characters.

Christopher is now highly sought after for this unique talent, something he began to develop very early in his career, when at the age of just 25, he toured Australia with the deeply moving and sensitive exhibition BREATHE.

His clients include Samsung, McDonald’s, Canon, Kellogg’s, Australian Chamber Orchestra, AMP, Harley Davidson and Bonds.

Advertising photographer Christopher Ireland required an immersive and modern website, to strengthen his status at the top end of the market.

Frustrated with previously fickle engagement levels, he wanted an innovative yet effortless way to increase the length of time people were spending on his site, and to allow people to see his work as a whole.

The site literally draws together the two different realms of photography and motion using a clean, understated aesthetic, consistent with Christopher’s desire to “let the work speak”. Christopher wanted his minimal aesthetic to read modern instead of classic.

Viewers understand Christopher’s professional duality from the opening page. The distinctive motion portrait on the landing page serves as a segmentation between the two portfolios.

Dynamic ordering and scaling of cover images, ensures users experience the work differently every time they land on the thumbnail overview.

Should they want a more familiar way to view the work, they switch between quick view (alphabetically ordered thumbnails) and organic view with filters.The fully responsive, content manageable site allows users the joy of getting lost in creativity, while knowing they can find what they need.